Thermalabs The Golden Standard! Natural Self-Tanner Review


For almost the past two months, I have been testing this self-tanner from Thermalabs that I received at a discount for an honest and unbiased review. Here are the claims of the company.

This tanner contains certified organic ingredients such as olive and avocado oils, shea butter, cocoa seed butter and aloe leaf juice. It is supposed to provide an even and natural looking tan without the damaging rays of the sun. It is a moisturizing, natural, organic superior lotion that builds a natural tan without streaks. It creates the perfect and smoothest sun free tan. It does come with a 100% guarantee if you ship it back, you get the refund.

I was actually excited to try this. I have been home tanning with sunless tanners for about 15 years, so I knew how to use these types of products. It comes with an E-book explaining the dangers of the sun and tanning beds and offers tips on getting the best tan possible using their product. I followed all of the directions, including making sure my skin was properly exfoliated beforehand.  Get ready for some pictures of my ugly legs, but I wanted to test this product on an area first that I could cover up if need be.Smart thinking on my part. I do not have any pictures of my first attempts, but that is of no matter.

Here is my leg prepped and ready to go.

before tanning

According to the directions, you apply the tanner with your hands in all directions and it is supposed to absorb within five minutes. I kept my pant leg rolled up for at least 30 minutes just to make sure, because it did take longer. It is a pleasant, almost citrus smelling formula and is a white cream. Shown on leg here:

tanner on leg

You are supposed to wait overnight for the tan to fully develop and it also should continue developing over the next few days, or you can re-apply to maintain the look. This next picture shows what results I achieved with using only my hands.

streaky leg

Pretty streaky right? and patchy as well. Wanna see my foot? Please excuse the pedi.

awful toes

This is just awful. The thing about this tanner is that at least on my skin, it lasts two weeks. The first time I applied it, I tried to fix the streakiness by reapplying to those spots and the ones it completely missed, but the results were even worse.

At the time of the promotion, they were offering a free coupon code for their Ultimitt, I asked about it and they were out of stock, but would get one to me asap. That took forever. I did use that however, and will in a future blog using a different tanner review that product. Here is what the mitt looks like:

mitt out of box

I thought for sure with this product I would get ultimate results, and I would not have the problem of streaking any longer. Well, that was not the case. In fact, only one side of my leg tanned and the other remained mostly its original shade. The product still streaked on me!

thermamitt leg

This is the side of my left leg that tanned. Here is the other side:

one side did not tan

Nothing going on here! I don’t know if my body just will not work with this formula or it is a bad product. I was afraid of trying it anywhere else that could not be hidden by clothing and that I could show acceptable photos of. Something else I should mention, the first time I applied it, and every time after, it did not transfer to my clothing, but it did transfer to my left leg which I had applied no tanner whatsoever to.Ugh!

I am done with this product, and will likely pass what is left over in the bottle to a friend and see if they get better results, if they are brave enough to try. Now I have to wait until this fades, so that I may review the mitt on its own with a tanner I currently own.

The product retails on Amazon for 22.98 and has free Amazon prime shipping. Here is the link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

I received this product at a discount for testing purposes and an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are strictly my own.


Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder Review


We have all heard about the benefits of green tea, but did you know that the substance contained within is known as catechins?  Catechins are a specific class of natural polyphenols and antioxidants that help to fight against things like cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.  The catechins are what is responsible for all of the health benefits of green tea. Unfortunately , they are not as stable ( according to a Purdue University study) without the assistance of an added citrus juice.  Without a juice, less than 25% actually get absorbed into the blood stream after the digestive process. Next time you go for any cup of green tea, consider adding some lime, lemon, grapefruit or orange juice to get the full benefits.

The product that I am reviewing today is a powdered form of green tea known as Matcha from Kiss Me Organics. It is organic, non- gmo, vegan and is a culinary grade powder. Matcha, by definition, is a finely milled or fine powder green tea.  It has been used for centuries during Japanese tea ceremonies.  Quality Matcha is vibrantly green (which this one is) and is dried outdoors in the shade, and then stone ground with granite.  The daily dose for maximum benefits is 1/2 – 1 tsp. If you are caffeine sensitive, I would recommend the lower dosage.  It also contains the health benefits of being an energy booster, calorie burner, and anti-ager.

What I have found with this powdered form of green tea is that it is so versatile and can be used in so many ways, including cooking! I thought the best way to experience this for the first time was as just a plain tea. ??????????

I admit it did taste like grass on its own. However, once I added in a bit of lemon juice and some honey, it was quite delicious.  I also starting adding it to smoothies always with the addition of some citrus juice and bam! You really do get a boost of energy from this tea. It is not a hyper-active type of energy however, just a focused and calm type of energy, if that makes any sense. You get things done, but you don’t feel jittery in the least.

Since St. Patrick’s Day was this past month, I decided to bake some Key Lime cupcakes. I included the Matcha in the batter and even in the frosting itself with the addition of even more lime juice. These were probably the healthiest cupcakes I have ever made in my life!


All of the coloring is from the Matcha alone.  I cannot say enough about this product. I never knew about powdered green tea before I was given this product to test, and had no idea of all the things you can do with it. I will continue using this on a daily basis and look forward to trying out even more recipes using this quality product. They did provide me with many recipes, and continue to send them in emails each week.  As a seller, I think they want their customers to be as informed as possible about the many uses and benefits and I appreciate that.  If you would like to experience Matcha for yourself, here is the link to the product on Amazon:

I received this product free for testing purposes and an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are strictly my own.


Kiss Me Organic Dandelion Root Tea and What It Can Do For You (Review and Pics)


I never really knew much about dandelions other than the fact that my backyard grows a crop each year and that the the leaves were edible for humans and iguanas.  This tea that I am about to review for you is made from the dandelion root. It also contains hibiscus and cinnamon for taste.  They have healing properties as well: cinnamon can help lower bad cholesterol , while hibiscus helps to regulate your blood pressure and may help lower blood sugar.

The Chinese were the first to recognize the dandelion root as a medicinal herb . Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back 10,000 years ago. They used it to treat gallstones and liver or kidney problems.  This organic Dandelion root tea is raw, which maximizes the intake of the cancer fighting anti-oxidants and other nutrients.  Dandelion root promotes healthy digestion.  The more regular the solid wastes leave your body , the better the balance of good bacteria within your digestive system. It’s antioxidant properties have also been shown in some studies to be effective at suppressing the growth of many forms of caner. It helps improve your liver function and dehydration by removing toxins built up within the liver. Drinking a few cups a day can help your liver rebound from indulgences in fatty foods, sugar and alcohol.  Our livers should be doing this on their own, but we consume way too many processed foods nowadays which our bodies were not originally designed for.  It’s diuretic effects help to flush out toxic elements as well as any excess water you are carrying.  The potassium and fiber contained within are responsible for helping to reduce blood pressure. There are also many vitamins contained within the dandelion root as well as essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients.  These can help reduce inflammation which helps relieve pain and swelling due to injuries and strenuous physical activity or degenerative aches and pains.  The vitamins that the dandelion root is rich in are : A, B complex, C, D, K, potassium, iron and zinc. The B vitamins can help with mood disorders such as depression and the iron with liver function and of course the Vitamin C  boosts your immune system.

There is a possibility that some could be allergic to it if you are already allergic to daisies, marigolds, or ragweeds. You should also take caution, that since it moves things faster through your system, it could affect any medication you are currently taking and may break them down faster and make them less effective.  I fall into that category, so I have had to space out my consumption of this tea while I was testing it. It is a great detoxifier however, because it filters out excess salt, fat and sugar from your kidneys so they remain healthy and function properly. If you combine this tea with a diet of high fiber foods, your elimination system will be much more effective, which will keep you healthier and thus free from illness.

As I stated before, since I am on medication which I have to take twice a day, I wanted to make sure I did not consume more than one cup per day. I also strongly recommend if you are also on any medications to consult a physician before using any herbal supplement.

Kiss Me Organics listing is a generous portion. I received 5 boxes of tea for a total of 100 cups. They also included a great pdf file with some wonderful recipes. One of which I will mention here. The tea itself is lovely. It is a light lavender when brewed, I apologize that my camera is showing it as pink.


This is mainly the way that I have been enjoying it, sometimes with a little stevia added.  It tastes great on its own however and is ever so slightly floral.  I have noticed that I do not feel bloated anymore and that no matter what food I choose lately, I am not having any stomach upset or reaching for the antacid tablets.  My skin looks clearer as well. I do think it is helping to detoxify my body.

They also included a pdf file, like an e-book that contained some great sounding recipes. I recently tried one.  Simply boil 2 whole cloves, simmer and add 2 tea bags, and let steep for 7 minutes. Then add a cup and a half of pineapple juice ( I used fresh and my juicer), a half cup of orange juice, and the same of lemon juice along with 2/3 cup of brown sugar and then chill for 1 hour before drinking.  Delicious and very refreshing!


I look forward to trying even more of the included recipes.  I recommend this tea to any tea drinker or person who wants to experience its detoxifying effects! Here is where you can purchase it on Amazon:



I received this product free for testing purposes and an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. Powered by Brandbacker.




Radha Argan Oil Review and What is Argan Oil?



I received a bottle of this 100% pure and certified organic Argan Oil to test from Radha Beauty. They also sent me a nice little E-book with some possible uses which I will mention as well in this post. I have tried other Argan oils in the past and had mixed results.  Some were fine for use on my hair, but not on my face and vice versa.  You also have to make sure that that if you are going to use Argan oil in a multitude of ways, that it is 100% pure and does not contain other ingredients such as mineral oil.

It is a generous 4 oz sized bottle and comes with a convenient dropper for ease in use.  You really do have to experiment a bit at first to see how much you need for your hair or face. Usually just a few drops is fine.  I have used this as a facial moisturizer, nail and cuticle conditioner, and on my hair (wet and dry) as well as on my feet and hands.  My skin just soaks it up, and it leaves my face glowing and rosy without feeling greasy one tiny bit.  A few drops massaged through wet hair , I have used as a heat protectant, and it also has helped control the frizz of my naturally curly hair. After applying it to either my face or hands, instead of wiping off any excess, I simply rub it into the ends of my dry hair for extra conditioning.  It has not weighed my hair down one bit, but kept it shiny and healthy looking.

Other possible uses that I have not tried would be as a hot oil treatment, scalp conditioner, leave in overnight treatment and other multiple skin uses.  I have had very good results with this particular brand and will continue to use it.  You can purchase it here on Amazon at:

I did receive this product free for testing purposes and an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are strictly my own. Powered  by Brandbacker.

Read on to learn more about the origins of Argan oil!

The Argan Tree ( Argania Spinosa) is one of the oldest trees on earth. Some say it has been around for over a million years.  The trees themselves live up to at least 200 years if not longer. It only grows in one place in the entire world and that is Morocco. The roots of this tree have a built in defense mechanism for arid and drought conditions. They bury themselves deep into the earth seeking out any moisture and water and remains green and healthy while everything else around is dry and barren. These trees start bearing fruit when they are between 30-50 years old. They only do this once a year, and one Argan tree produces only a mere liter of the Argan oil.  This is why this oil is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold”.

It is a labor intensive procedure to make, and is usually performed only by women.  Each nut that the tree produces contains 1-3 kernels which are surrounded by a thick peel and fleshy pulp.  The workers must first dry the fruit in the open air, remove the pulp, then crack the nuts to get at the kernels.  They have tried to mechanize this process with poor results.  The kernels are then ground by hand to extract the oil which is decanted for two weeks in bottles so that all the sediment falls to the bottom and can be easily strained.

Since Argan Oil has become so popular in the past decade, the trees are now protected and women’s co-ops have been founded, which help these women provide a better life for their family. The reason so many skin care companies have jumped on this ingredient is due to the high concentrations  of Vitamin E  (higher than that of olive oil) and that it also contains a multitude of fatty acids.

Pure and Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask Review


Since the times of Cleopatra, the Dead Sea and its healing and restorative properties have been utilized.  The Dead Sea is really a giant salt lake and contains high concentrations of  magnesium, sodium, phosphates, bromides, calcium, sulphur, iodine, zinc and potassium.  The mud itself contains all of these minerals as well.

This is my first time using any Dead Sea mud mask , but I have heard about them for several years now.  I really had no idea what to expect. I received this one from Pure & Essential Minerals, a skincare line that specialized in only using natural ingredients.  The first ingredient is Dead Sea Mud. It also contains Organic Shea Butter, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Jojoba Oil, Hickory Bark Extract,  Organic Calendula Oil, Filtered Water and Eucalyptus Oil. All natural and organic ingredients, so I had no qualms about using this product on my skin.

This mask is great for all types of skin, including sensitive skin . With all of these wonderful ingredients, it helps to hydrate your skin, reduces rough patches and inflammation and has been shown to actually kill acne-causing bacteria.  It nourishes and detoxifies your skin at the same time.  The natural silica in the mud works when it hardens on the face. This process extracts the toxins within your skin and adheres them to the mud, dead skin cells are also adhered to the mud at the same time. What you wind up with in the end is clearer skin and very clean pores. It also stimulates the blood  circulation to your skin cells which will help with any uneven skin tones or patches of dry skin, and as an added benefit, helps reduce wrinkles.

It is so powerful, that it is only meant to be used no more than once a week. This is the way you use it. Simply apply a medium layer to your face and upper neck and leave it on to dry for 5-10 minutes. After the mask is dry, you remove it with warm water and gently rub in a circular motion on your face. This helps with exfoliation. After that, you just wash away any excess with a washcloth and warm water and pat your skin dry.

This is what it looks like on the face:

me with mud mask

For me, it dried very quickly, next time I will try a bit more product. It had a pleasant tingling sensation, probably due to the Eucalyptus oil included within the ingredients. It felt good on my skin, and after it was completely removed I still felt the tingling sensation for about 10-15 minutes more.  I looked in my makeup mirror on 5X magnification and sure enough, any blackheads in the nose area had disappeared and my pores looked clean and tight.  It was such a pleasant experience, that I honestly cannot wait to use this mask again.  The consistency is not very thick, and a bit watery, but not overly so, in the least.  A little bit goes a very long way!  It has a shelf life of one year and is a cruelty free product.

A nice added extra to this product was a little sticker on the top of the jar with the offer of a free e-book on skincare.  Great little book that described what foods were good to eat for healthy skin and all of the ingredients we need to look out for when choosing products to  use in our beauty regimens. I found it very helpful and informative and that is saying something, since I consider myself to be a “skincare junkie”.  I really think anyone would enjoy this product and see great results even with just one use.

If you would like to check it out for yourself, here is the link on Amazon:

I received this product for testing purposes and an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are strictly my own. Powered by Brandbacker.

First Love With Food Box with mini review


This past week I received my first Love With Food box in the mail. For those of you who have never heard of it, it is a 10.00 a month subscription box, and you can get your first one to try out for only 2.00.( see more below).  They also have a deluxe sized box for 17.99 that has double the snacks, and would be great if you had a few children, so each could get their own package to try.

This box is however , not just for children, but for anyone who likes snacks that are organic, all natural, gluten free with no trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. Many are also GMO ( Genetically modified organism ) free. They also have a give back to the community program much like the Tom’s shoe brand. For every box sold, a meal is donated to a food bank or shelter. There is a map on their website that shows the amount of money donated in each community by state and tells what organization received the donation.

Like other subscription boxes, you can get points for writing reviews and also for submitting recipes. You also are allowed to shop on the website with free shipping and most things up to 25 percent off. This month’s box theme was “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”.

Everything I received in my box was a product and brand name that was new to me. Everything was fresh tasting  and really delicious. I received 8 items, one of them being a vegan gumball! Lol! I really did enjoy it and look forward to getting more boxes in the future.

If you would like to try your very first box for only 2.00 , here is a link to sign up. 

You can cancel at any time easily, even after just trying the first box.

Ciao for now!