Somnis Natural Sleep Aid Review

somnis for blog

I recently was asked to review these all natural sleep aids from Somnis. I am a perpetual insomniac, partly due to an anxiety condition, so I was hoping these would help me get some well needed shut-eye. They contain only 4 active ingredients, a few I have tried on their own in the past.

The first ingredient, GABA ( Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) is a chemical which is made in our brain, when taken as a supplement it is supposed to help relieve anxiety, improve mood and many other possible uses such as reducing PMS symptoms.

Many people are familiar with L-Tryptophan, supposedly the ingredient in turkey that makes us drowsy. It is an amino acid, and must be acquired from food . Some of it’s many uses include insomnia, sleep apnea, depression, and anxiety.

This next ingredient puzzled me, Vitamin B6. The only thing I could find that might help a person relax is that it is supposed to help with night leg cramps. Its other uses have nothing to do with relaxation or sleep.

The final ingredient contained within this all in one supplement is melatonin, also something most people are familiar with. It is a hormone which is naturally found within the human body, and its primary function is to adjust the body’s internal clock, in other words help it tell night from day.

What melatonin does is what I have no control over, I live in the interior of Alaska, where night and day are not normal. Perhaps for a period of three weeks in the spring and three in the fall. I seem to sleep just fine during those times.

This supplement did make me drowsy when I took it , in about 45 minutes time. Not enough so though to help me fall asleep. I believe if I were living anywhere else it would have been helpful, since I have taken both Melatonin and L-Trypyophan in the past with helpful results.

I guess I was not the best of candidates to review this product based on where I live, but I want to thank Somnis for sending it to me free for review and my honest and unbiased opinion.

It is available here on :


The ULTIMITT from Thermalabs Review


I initially received this product to use in conjunction with their self-tanner, but in order to give the Ultimitt a fair review, I decided to try this with a self-tanner that I currently own from Banana Boat.

The mitt itself is incredibly soft and covers my hand down past my wrist, hitting somewhere on my forearm. It is made of microfiber and is very flexible. It is meant to protect your hands from getting stained from self-tanning and also to help provide a more streak-free tan. You can use both sides of it as well. It comes with it’s own plastic carrying bag and also a tiny little mini mitt that is perfect for using to touch up spots or for the tops of your hands and feet. It also comes with a one full year money back guarantee.

Here is what you get with the initial kit:

thermamitt kit

This is the tanner that I used to test this item for this blog:

tanning lotion

Normally when I use this particular tanner, I get a very deep and almost unnatural tan. I was pleasantly surprised that the Thermamitt , gave me a very natural look and that there was no streaking whatsoever. I also did not have to worry about my hands looking odd due to the stain of the tanner. The only really negative thing I can say about this mitt is that you might be using/wasting more product since it is very absorbent. Cleanup however, is very easy. You just have to rinse and wash it with some mild soap.

Here are my results that I tested on my arms:

natural tanhand color in changehand tan

I included the bottom pictures to show the natural color of my skin. If I had not suffered from several abrasions picking raspberries, I would have used the small mitt to fix these areas.

raspberries cuts

I think the Ultimitt is a quality product and I do recommend it for those that self-tan. It is available on Amazon here:

It now retails for 14.99 with free shipping with Amazon prime.

I received this product free for testing purposes and an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are strictly my own.


The Fab Box: New Subscription Box: July 2015 Demo: Summer BBQ

the fab box blog

I received for review,  this cute, soon to be, demo subscription box from The Fab Box. The above picture is their logo from their blog. Starting in September, this will be a full-fledged subscription box.  Every month the box will be curated with a particular theme. It will include 5-7 items and one personalized handmade item from Lizz ,the owner and curator.  The value range of the boxes will be between 30-50 dollars and the theme will be announced two weeks prior on Instagram. This lets you know if you would like to gift this particular box or try it on a one time basis.  If you want to gift the box, you simply fill out the form on the website before the first of the month, in order to be able to get that person’s item made just for them.

It is easy to cancel, on their website and if you are unhappy with your box, you can ask for a refund. This will be done on an individual basis. Here are the prices:

Single Box: 22.00 + 5.95 US Shipping

Monthly: 22.00 + free US Shipping
6 Months: 20.00 a box and free US Shipping

Let’s look at the Demo Box I received. The theme was Summer BBQ. Here are the contents of the box all laid out. It arrived in a cardboard box with tons of tissue paper. The retail on this demo box was 18.00.

possible instagram pic

So many cute things, let’s start with the cupcake holders. I really need to use these soon. Strawberry cupcakes with raspberries on top sounds good. Perfect little checkerboard pattern that fits the theme to a T. These are valued at 5.00.

cupcake things

The next item was this pale yellow vegan leather notebook, which I swear smells like leather to me. It comes with lined and solid pages. It retails for 8.00.

notebook coverinside notebookopen notebook

These ice cream cone pens are so very cute. I have one sitting on my desk and it makes me smile. The little attached jewels are precious. Retail for the two pens is 8.00.

ice cream pens

One of my favorites from the box are these watermelon clips. I currently have them hanging in a row on the valance of my curtain. So cute! They are wooden. Retail : 6.00

watermelon clips

The summer thumb tacks have come in handy as well. The sunglasses one is holding up my calendar and the strawberries are above my stove in the kitchen. Retail: 5.00


summer pushpins

This adorable little hamburger pencil sharpener with two gummie erasers really added to the theme of the box. I winded up gifting this one to a little one who is starting kindergarten. Retail: 7.00

hamburger sharpenersharpener apart

The last item was handmade by Lizz the curator of the box. Her company is Curious Fabulizations. She is an Etsy seller. It is a teal colored D for Debbie, metal ornament hanging on a matching satin ribbon. This is hanging from one of my watermelon clips now. The value on this one is 8.00.

handmade D

The total value of the box comes to 47.00. If you are interested in subscribing and receiving the September box when the subscription starts up , go to and follow the company on Instagram for sneak peeks of upcoming boxes.

I received this box free for review. So adorable! I can’t wait to see what else they have in store in the coming months!

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes Review


I have been curious about these two-step fiber lash systems for about a year now, so I jumped at the chance to be able to review this particular one from Mia Adora. Their system is called the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. It is water resistant, contains natural and non-toxic ingredients, and is smudge resistant. It is a 3 step formula using two different tubes. The first tube is a black magnifying gel that you apply first and last, and the second tube contains the black 3D fibers. It is supposed to magnify your lashes by 300%. Of course, that claim I cannot test and prove or disprove.  It comes in an attractive satin lined carrying case, and the directions for use are on the inside lid. It is not tested on animals. Here are some close-ups of the case itself.

mia adora casemia a open case

The company also provides an e-book with some tips on using the mascara.  They do state that there may be a learning curve and practice required to use this mascara. I found it extremely simple to use just by following the directions on the lid. The first step they recommend is to curl your lashes. For me, in general, this is optional, but I did do it for testing purposes. You then have the option of applying a thin coat of any mascara you happen to own of your choice. I tried the Benefit They’re Real and also a Cover Girl Megacurl mascara, which will be pictured.

This is a system where you are supposed to do one eye at a time, other than the option of applying your own mascara once.

Step 1 is to apply a generous coat of the magnifying gel from the base to the top of your lashes, using 15-20 strokes to ensure lashes are coated. While the gel is still wet is when you apply the fibers from mid lash to the ends using 10-15 strokes. Step 3 is to allow the fibers to dry (under a minute) and then to re-apply the magnifying gel to seal the fibers in place using 15-20 strokes again.

Here are some closeups of what the wands look like. Sorry the fibers one came out a bit blurry.

magnifying gel wandfibers wand

I got some pretty amazing results with and without my own mascara. I am not one to wear false eyelashes and I do tend to go for a more natural look unless I am filming for my You tube channel, which is when I will most likely use this product. I think you can have a variety of results depending on what mascara you apply beforehand. All positive of course.  I did accidentally fall asleep while wearing this, and when I woke up there were only a few black fiber dots underneath my eyes. I was pretty impressed with the longevity of the formula.  Cleanup is simple as well. Simply wipe away with a cloth with warm water or a little makeup remover if desired. No scrubbing necessary whatsoever.

Here are my results . The first is with my CoverGirl mascara and the second using only this fiber lash system on its own. I think they both look equally impressive. If any clumping occurs, simply use a spoolie or an eyelash comb to achieve the look you want.


The Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes retail on Amazon for 21.95 and shipping is free with Amazon prime.  Here is the product link:

So what do you think? Have you tried any of the fiber lash systems? I highly recommend this one!

I received this product at a discount for testing purposes and an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are strictly my own.


Thermalabs The Golden Standard! Natural Self-Tanner Review


For almost the past two months, I have been testing this self-tanner from Thermalabs that I received at a discount for an honest and unbiased review. Here are the claims of the company.

This tanner contains certified organic ingredients such as olive and avocado oils, shea butter, cocoa seed butter and aloe leaf juice. It is supposed to provide an even and natural looking tan without the damaging rays of the sun. It is a moisturizing, natural, organic superior lotion that builds a natural tan without streaks. It creates the perfect and smoothest sun free tan. It does come with a 100% guarantee if you ship it back, you get the refund.

I was actually excited to try this. I have been home tanning with sunless tanners for about 15 years, so I knew how to use these types of products. It comes with an E-book explaining the dangers of the sun and tanning beds and offers tips on getting the best tan possible using their product. I followed all of the directions, including making sure my skin was properly exfoliated beforehand.  Get ready for some pictures of my ugly legs, but I wanted to test this product on an area first that I could cover up if need be.Smart thinking on my part. I do not have any pictures of my first attempts, but that is of no matter.

Here is my leg prepped and ready to go.

before tanning

According to the directions, you apply the tanner with your hands in all directions and it is supposed to absorb within five minutes. I kept my pant leg rolled up for at least 30 minutes just to make sure, because it did take longer. It is a pleasant, almost citrus smelling formula and is a white cream. Shown on leg here:

tanner on leg

You are supposed to wait overnight for the tan to fully develop and it also should continue developing over the next few days, or you can re-apply to maintain the look. This next picture shows what results I achieved with using only my hands.

streaky leg

Pretty streaky right? and patchy as well. Wanna see my foot? Please excuse the pedi.

awful toes

This is just awful. The thing about this tanner is that at least on my skin, it lasts two weeks. The first time I applied it, I tried to fix the streakiness by reapplying to those spots and the ones it completely missed, but the results were even worse.

At the time of the promotion, they were offering a free coupon code for their Ultimitt, I asked about it and they were out of stock, but would get one to me asap. That took forever. I did use that however, and will in a future blog using a different tanner review that product. Here is what the mitt looks like:

mitt out of box

I thought for sure with this product I would get ultimate results, and I would not have the problem of streaking any longer. Well, that was not the case. In fact, only one side of my leg tanned and the other remained mostly its original shade. The product still streaked on me!

thermamitt leg

This is the side of my left leg that tanned. Here is the other side:

one side did not tan

Nothing going on here! I don’t know if my body just will not work with this formula or it is a bad product. I was afraid of trying it anywhere else that could not be hidden by clothing and that I could show acceptable photos of. Something else I should mention, the first time I applied it, and every time after, it did not transfer to my clothing, but it did transfer to my left leg which I had applied no tanner whatsoever to.Ugh!

I am done with this product, and will likely pass what is left over in the bottle to a friend and see if they get better results, if they are brave enough to try. Now I have to wait until this fades, so that I may review the mitt on its own with a tanner I currently own.

The product retails on Amazon for 22.98 and has free Amazon prime shipping. Here is the link:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

I received this product at a discount for testing purposes and an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are strictly my own.

Old Factory Scented Candles Citrus Grove Collection Review

candles in boxcandles box

I was selected to review any scent combinations of candles that I wished from the company Old Factory Candles. They offer many different variations. Since I am a nut for all things citrus, I chose their Citrus Grove collection. This collection contains one candle each in the following scents: Key Lime, Lemongrass, and Orange Zest. Perfect scents for summer!

These candles are handmade in the United States with natural soy wax and self-trimming cotton candle wicks for clean burning and contain premium fragrance oils. They are sold exclusively on Amazon and are supposed to burn for 25-30 hours. Each candle is a mere 4 oz large and the set retails for 29.83, free shipping with Amazon prime.

As you can see in the above pictures, they come packaged in a very attractive box which would be perfect for gift giving for just about any occasion.

Here is my experience with the candles.  When you initially take the lid off of each one, there is a light fragrance, nothing particularly strong. I am not sure if it is because of the set of fragrances I picked or whether or not all of their candles are this way. I have a very small house, very small. When I lit one candle and set it on a table near me as I was reading, no scent at all wafted my way or anywhere else in the house. There was no fan or air conditioning on either. Upon blowing the candle out, a scent emerged that did not last very long. I tried lighting two of the candles together in the same area and after a few hours, I was finally able to pick up the fragrance. They do recommend grouping these together, depending on the size of your space.

The claim on these candles is the burn time is supposed to be between 25-30 hours. Here is a picture of my initial candle at the 9 hour mark. I kept accurate tracking each time I burned this particular one.

candle at 9 hours small

This candle lasted another half hour, so in total, 9.5 hours burning time. A far cry from the 25-30 hrs. claimed by the seller. It also did not burn down evenly, as you can also tell from this picture. The funny thing is, the lower the candle burned, the stronger the scent became, as if all of the fragrance oils were concentrated at the bottom of the candle. I continued to smell this candle unlit into the next day when I was sitting next to it. I have no explanation for this phenomenon whatsoever. It was a wonderful Key Lime fragrance, I just wish I had been able to enjoy it the entire burn time of the candle.

I did not purchase this candle set as I said before, they were sent to me free for review. I had high expectations. I adore candles as so many do. Besides the lack of fragrance, I have a few more issues that I would like to address to any consumer considering purchasing these.  The cost seems extraordinarily high for what you receive.  These candles are very tiny. If they had burned for the 25-30 hours, no problem. On the website, the candles look enormous, here is the reality.

size small

A bottle of nail polish is what I decided to go with for a size comparison. The nail polish bottle is actually taller than the candle.  The company does clearly state the size in their description on Amazon, but as I said before, the pictures are misleading. At nearly 10.00 a candle, these seem way over-priced. I get that they are hand made, but with that, I also expected higher quality. My recommendation to the seller would be to lower the price by half. I think that would be appropriate. They can be purchased here at this link on Amazon:

I received this product free for testing purposes and an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are strictly my own. This is one review that I was sad to write, but I must stand by my above statements.

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Mia Adora Eyelash Curler Review

Mia Adora eyelash curler in boxMia Adora out of box

I am the first one to admit that I have zero experience with eyelash curlers. In fact, in order to use this product,  I had to scour a few Youtube videos for tips on how to use them.  For the most part, mascara seems to do the trick for me, but I think it was time this old dog learned a new trick.

I was sent this eyelash curler from Mia Adora for review. As you can see, it comes in what I would call a collapsible plastic box.  I am not sure if it was the fault of Amazon or the company, but when it arrived to me, the box was opened and the plastic rings were out of the box and the clip was off of the handles. Other than that, it luckily arrived to me in fine condition. I am assuming the two plastic rings are replacement grips for the handles.

After arming myself with some Youtube tutorials fresh in my mind, I grabbed my makeup mirror and threw it onto the 5X magnification side.  I have no idea what I have been afraid of all this time. These curlers set comfortably against my cheekbone as I clamped down onto my lashes. I held them in place for about 15 seconds. I repeated the process. I really like the fact that these are spring loaded, so that there is no way that you could accidentally pull away from your lid and yank out your eyelashes .

Technology has not been my friend today, but here is a picture I took off of my tablet showing you my results:


Sorry for the strange angle, I know my nose seems incredibly wide.  I think they curled my lashes very well, this is obviously with no mascara or other eye makeup on whatsoever.  I believe this is a quality product, that just needs to work on its packaging a bit.

They are available on Amazon for the retail cost of 11.95.  Here is the link:


I received this at a discount for testing and review purposes and an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are strictly my own.