Breezeway Magnetic Screen Door Review

screen product picture

I received this extremely high quality magnetic screen door for review and testing purposes from the company Breezeway. This goes above and beyond the ones you have seen ads for on tv. Immediately upon removing it from the package, I could tell it was going to be a very well-made product. Due to the fact, that I have a step on my rental, I had to enlist the help of a very tall friend, who also had to use a stepladder for us to install this. It took a total of maybe 15 minutes. I am comparing it to one I see on a neighbor’s house next door that does not even have the magnets lining up and is basically just hanging there with large gaps.

This screen is designed to fit any door way and is plenty wide. The magnets are encased in a thick nylon that is sewn with tight stitches. It also features a lovely lacy valance at the top, which made it even easier to install, since there was no guess work as to which side was which.

If you have a metal door frame you are supposed to clean and let that dry first. Mine is wooden, so we just went with that. Whichever  you have, this product has you covered. The first step is to lay it onto a clean surface. My grass outside had to suffice.screen laid out

You can see in the picture above, the velcro surrounding the entire door. A roll of velcro with white backing tape for the adhesive was provided. You simply cut the pieces and attached them all the way around the door onto the velcro.

applying adhesive backingbacking almost finished

When that step was completed, it was time to hang the door. We were amazed at the quality of the adhesive and how well it stuck, when we had to adjust it when first installing. As soon as that backing pulled off, it was stuck for good.

attaching screen to doorapplying to door frame

You simply start at the top and work your way down along each side. If I had a metal doorframe, the process would have been complete. This company has thought of everything. They included these attractive and heavy duty pushpins, so that after the door was hung, you could make it extra secure. They included the perfect amount.attaching with pushpins

Here is the finished look. Excuse the condition of my door, as I have stated above, it is a rental.

finished productpretty valance

It really looks great and the valance is just so pretty as seen from inside my house. I really was just going to use this to provide fresh air and keep my dogs safe inside, hoping that they would not be able to figure out the door. They did within three days without any training or guidance from me whatsoever. One of my dogs is very tiny and she had no problem getting out or back in. It has been up for about a week now and we have had some very hot days with high winds. The screen has not budged one inch and has allowed fresh air into my house, without having to run the air conditioner. I cannot even tell you how very impressed I am with this product from Breezeway. If you are looking for one of these types of doors, I urge you to go with this one. You will not be sorry one single bit. It will fit doorways up to 38 inches wide.

It is available here on Amazon:

I received this product at a deep discount for testing and review purposes. All opinions are strictly my own.



Foxbrim Orange Blossom Water Toner Review


I received this Orange Blossom Water Toner from Foxbrim for review purposes. It has been many years since I have used any kind of facial toner. My skin has gone from oily to normal to the state of being normal to dry. It seemed like an unnecessary step to my skin care regimen.

This product has changed my mind on that subject. There is a long history of Orange Blossom Water dating back to ancient times. It was a particular favorite of Marie Antoinette.   This particular one is steam distilled. That is what you want to look for. It is pure and contains only one ingredient, Citrus Aurantium Amara, which is the essential oil of the bitter orange blossoms tree.

In Morocco, it is offered to guests as a hand freshener upon arrival in one’s home and used in cooking as well. This particular product is not food grade as far as I know.  It is complete with Vitamins A and C  and powerful anti-oxidants.  It clarifies the skin and also has antibacterial properties as well.  It is alcohol free and can help reduce the size of your pores as well as smooth your skin.  It is also an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce redness from acne. It also aids in balancing the ph levels in your skin with its mild acidity.

I have been using this for about two weeks. In the morning, it is wonderful to apply to a cotton pad and remove the grime accumulated over the night. The scent is light and lovely, and very refreshing.  I also use it at night, after cleansing to remove any residue left over on my skin. I honestly can say it is not drying in the least. I have done some experimenting with it, and decided to fore-go my moisturizer and found my skin to remain soft and moisturized.  I have also noticed a difference in the size of my pores since using it. They are reduced. I truly enjoy this product and realized I have been missing out for many years on this step in a skin care routine.

It can also be used if mixed with water as an all -natural air freshener. I may try that this summer.  Another possible and fragrant use it to add it to your bath water.

In closing , I think you will be delighted by this Orange Blossom Water Toner, I know I am, and it is quickly becoming one of those products  that I do not want to be without. Highly recommend!

It is available here on Amazon for purchase: or you can purchase it on their website along with many other wonderful products here:

It appears when you log onto the site, you are offered a 10 percent off coupon on any purchase.


I received this product free for testing and review purposes only. All opinions are strictly my own.






Candy Adriatico March and April Boxes Review

candy adriatico logo

I was graciously sent these two boxes from Nadi at Candy Adriatico for review. It took a little while for the first one to arrive, but the second box came only a week after it was shipped. Faster than any of my subscription boxes here in the United States!!  Candy Adriatico is a candy subscription company formed by a mother and son in Slovenia. They feature hand picked candies from the countries of Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. The boxes I am reviewing contain candies from all three countries. Other options are available however. You can receive a Candy Slovenia, Candy Italia , Candy Croatia or any combination of the three. New to their website is also a candy envelope, which features candy from previous boxes and new items as well. I believe it is available twice monthly.

Each box is a surprise and features up to 500g of candy. All payment is in euros and goes through Paypal. They also offer free world-wide shipping!

Let’s take a look at the box from March first. The theme to this box was “Think Spring”. Every box also features a lovely, collectible postcard. As you can tell, in the picture below, it was stuffed full of delicious treats!

stuff in box

On the inside box lid, lists all of the products contained within, but you can also check out their monthly blog for more information on the brands and candies. I will include that link at the end of this post.

bauli croissant

This Bauli Croissant is from Italy. It was very flaky and had a delicate vanilla filling. Can you say deliciouso?

silk hazelnuts

This was a wonderful full-sized bag of hard candies with a surprise hazelnut cream in the center of each. They are from a company called Sumi located in Slovenia. I really enjoyed these so much.

gorenjka bar

This Gorenjka bar was a true delight. It is coated with chocolate and contains a thin layer of orange jam on the top. Refreshing and sweet. There are no artificial colors or flavorings and this hails from Slovenia as well.

candy adriatico treats display

Here is the full display of all the treats included. The Bonko candies bag featured on the right had a variety of individually wrapped taffy type candies. I would best compare them to Starburst candies, but they taste much more natural and were in the flavors of pineapple, strawberry,  apple and lemon.  They also contain Vitamin C and are a popular candy with children in Croatia.

ciocori bar

This bar of chocolate is from Italy. The best thing I could compare it to would be a Nestle’s Crunch. It was very different though. The chocolate tasted different than anything I have tried before, and the rice bits were more firm. Thoroughly enjoyable.

mini bueno

I apologize for the picture. These were delicious candies from Italy called Kinder Bueno. Kinder means children.  They were wafer bars covered in milk chocolate with a wonderful hazelnut filling. The company is a line of chocolates from the famous Ferrero company. kras kinder

The final item of the March box contained a very thin chocolate bar that is from Croatia that is from a company that has been around for 70 years. They are very popular with children and each contains an animal sticker to help feed their love for animals.

So that was March’s box. I was in chocolate heaven for sure. April’s box arrived only a few weeks later. The pictures of the products and the logo above , I have used with permission from Candy Adriatico.

candy adriatico april 2015

April’s box theme was ” I Love Candy”. Everything is packaged so very nicely and securely. I can’t believe this arrived to me all the way from Europe in only one week’s time! Let’s look at the contents. Of course another lovely postcard was included with various scenes of the truly beautiful country of Slovenia.


These were addictive soft taffy hazelnut candies that were individually wrapped. Yes, I received a full bag and demolished them. They don’t stick in your teeth and have the most adorable squirrel logo ever.  They are from a company called Sumi from Slovenia.


This item was truly unique to me. It comes from Croatia. It has  a creamy cake- like  banana filling and is covered in a delightful dark chocolate. Yes, it is banana shaped! I am in love with this particular snack!!

pralineji-z-lesnik-kremo-MThis was another full sized bag of individually wrapped truffle type candies. They are from the  Gorenjka company and were not like any truffle I have tried previously. You have to try Gorenjka chocolate, it is like no other. They were filled with hazelnut cream. They were very hard to stop at just one. These are from Slovenia.


This candy was very interesting indeed. It is a Rum Bar from Croatia and the company Kandit. I believe there were two thin bars included within this package. The rum flavor comes on at the end of each bite and is subtle. I will also link both of my unboxing videos as well towards the end , if you would like to see what all these candies look like unwrapped and my first impressions from tasting them.


I just realized I still have some of these gems left. If you love all things sour, you are going to adore these Cedevita  lemon candies. They are square shaped and actually contain 9 vitamins, including Vitamin C. It is literally a lemon explosion in your mouth. I think I need to take my vitamins. Yum!!! Thank you Croatia!


We received three of these Kinder bars. As you can see above, they are segmented. These come from Italy. They are filled with a creamy white milky filming and so very delicious. You can suck on these and they will melt in your mouth. These are candies to savor for sure.


The last item I received in this box were the two coconut candies from the Italian company Rovelli. These were very much like truffles as well, only with an out of this world coconut cream filling. It is so very hard to pick a favorite among all of these fabulous treats contained within these two boxes, but I would put these close to the top.

I would like to thank Nadi again for sending me these two boxes. My mouth had a very happy month in April!

Candy Adriatico ships every month on the 7th, and as I said before, they ship internationally.  You can receive a month to month subscription, 3 months or 9 months. The cost of the box will vary due to the fluctuation of the euro. There are euro converters that are easy to find online so you can get an idea of what it will cost against your own country’s currency.  You do get discounts if you go for a longer subscription.

Here are the prices:

1 month: 22.50 Euros, 3 months: 22 Euros per box, and at 9 months, it is 21 Euros.  The candy envelope is 16.50 Euros.

If you are interested , here come a bunch of links, so that you can see more about what this wonderful company is all about!!!


Candy Adriatico Blog:

This blog should feature shortly the contents of the May box.

Candy Adriatico video playlist including both unboxings:

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as Youtube.

Honestly this was my favorite subscription box for last month. I did receive this free for tasting purposes only.