Awesome Birchbox and its journey.


If anyone has read any of my past posts this month, they will know of a few issues I had with Birchbox. They primarily had to do with shipping, and not the customer service. I honestly did not think this would arrive here this month, in fact, customer service said mine was lost in transit and were going to send me a replacement box. They also said I may or may not hear from them when they do so. So… another May box may be on its way. This thing made a trip around the entire lower 48, not once but twice. It got all the way to Seattle and then went back to Tennessee and then tracking said it was delivered in Georgia on the 24th. I received mine on the 28th. The tracking number on the box was not the one  associated with this, completely different label on the outside packaging.

I am very excited about my products this month however. No lifestyle samples!!! Yay! I know they were giving out a package with two gummy vitamins and the other was some kind of pop rocks breath crystals. I have never had any products from Smashbox, so I was super excited to receive this sample. It is a makeup primer and it is 1/4 of an ounce. Full size retails for 36 dollars, so this sample comes in at about 9 dollars, almost the cost of the box!

The second product I was most happy about was the Perlier Shea Butter with Almond Milk. It is another one of those brands that I have lusted over and never wanted to dish out the dough for. Made in Italy in small batches, so that puts a smile on my face . I do think that if I were to repurchase I would go with HSN,  as they have a better selection of scents and a much better deal on the full size of this product.

The Laqa lipcolor is just a sheer type of pencil. I was hoping to receive the purple shade, but oh well. It smells exactly like a peppermint Tic Tac and I do mean exactly.

I am looking forward to trying out the Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls when I wash my hair this weekend. It is a leave in product for use after towel dried hair, and from the generous size of the pouch, I expect to get 3-4 uses out of it. Even if if the results are amazing, the full price is too hefty for me for a hair product.

The only product I was not really thrilled with was the Supergoop sunscreen. It is a miniscule tube and I had already received a generous sample tube of Hang Ten with my Ipsy subscription. Hmmm…. some self-tanners would be nice! Maybe one or the other subscription boxes will include one of those products this summer.

In closing, this was a great Birchbox for me personally, it was just such a huge hassle trying to find out whether I would ever even receive it or not. Here’s to June! They are already starting to populate the boxes and I hope I get another winner again!  Were you happy with your Birchbox this month and did you experience any of the myriad of shipping issues?

Ciao for now!!! Next blog will be my April and May favorites.


Everything feels kind of blah, Memorial Day and BB creams

I realized that I have not blogged once this week. Just a little down in the dumps I suppose. I should be doing major gardening by this time of year and the weather has not cooperated with that situation. Little Luke , my dog with cancer had a couple of really good weeks, but now he is back to having a bad one, I will not be sharing pictures of his leg, as it looks like a real life horror story.

Plans have been cancelled for this weekend, so I guess it will just be me and the dogs having an indoor barbeque to remember those who have fallen. Image

There will be ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob and apple pie. Everything is already made and refrigerated. Heat and eat is what I am all about on most holidays.


I still have not received my Birchbox for the month of May, and they are supposedly now sending a replacement. I am looking forward to getting a gorgeous palette in the mail probably on Tuesday though from City Color Cosmetics. Great prices on that site, now time to check out the quality of the goods. The one product of the week that I have tried and can recommend is my very first stab at a BB cream. It is a drugstore brand. Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+ with Tone Perfecting Complex. I wanted to try this one and found a two dollar off coupon online, so it became mine. The only shade available was Medium. I usually go for fair to medium shades. Since it is summer, this shade is actually working for me. Lately, I have felt that my foundation was emphasizing my pores and my skin actually looked better makeup free. I am pleasantly surprised that this cream does work. It gives enough coverage to mask any red areas or minor skin imperfections and does not make my cheek pores look like some mini craters on the moon. It also has Broad Spectrum SPF 15, so I can skip the sunscreen on my face.  If I had been more on top of my game, I would have a photo here for everyone to see, but yeah, it has not been a productive week over all.

I pray that everyone has a safe and fun weekend and please remember the real reason we have a three day weekend.


Ciao for now!


What season of the year is it???? and too much daylight

The weather has just been so bizarre even for Alaska this year. A week ago or so we were up in the mid 70’s, and night-time lows were around 40 or higher, so I assumed since we had an early spring it would be safe to put some of my plants outside that I started from seeds. I honestly do not have enough windowsill space once things were transplanted into bigger containers. Now it looks like several things outside are just not going to make it. The temperatures are varying so much every day that I do not even know whether I should be in a tank top or a turtleneck. I know this is happening all around the country. I saw the huge snow storm in the Denver area and I guess New England was getting hit hard as well with cooler than normal temperatures. Now some arctic blast from Siberia is supposed to hit and we are going to get down into the high 20’s again at night. That will be the ultimate death of the tomatoes planted in the garden bed. Visions of an abundant and magnificent garden are vanishing quickly. The other totally bizarre thing is that it seems like we picked up our daylight a lot quicker this year than in years past. It is 12:45 am as I write this, and it is not even totally dark outside , the street lamps have not even come on. At about 3:30 in the morning it will start getting light again.


I do live in an area of the state where at the peak of summer we have 24 hours of sunshine, but it doesn’t work that way in the winter where it is complete darkness for two months. I know this is very hard to relate to. Everyone around seems extra grumpy, and I think it is due to lack of sleep or this ever changing weather pattern. This post probably isn’t even making much sense. I, myself, feel extra foggy. In closing, since I am not sure where I was going with this post after all, if you are ever going to visit Alaska in the summertime or know someone who is, I highly advise them to purchase a sleep mask. This is the only way I am getting any sleep at all lately. I just hope we do not get any snow. I think 6 months of winter was quite enough , thank you!!! What is the weather like where you live???


Ciao for now!



Birchbox Issues and lack of shopping options


I just started subscribing to Birchbox last month. The ten dollar a month subscription box. The first box shipped out just fine, although it did take forever to reach me. I live in Alaska. I think it shipped on the 8th of the month and I received it somewhere around the 29th.

I decided to gift a 3 month subscription for Mother’s Day. They guaranteed delivery by that date. Sure enough, even though I was never able to track it , it did arrive the day before.

Now, I apparently , am one of many, who has received zero information on what we will get this next coming month. Our pages are still showing April and there has not been a single shipping confirmation email. I truly hope this gets fixed by tomorrow. I also honestly hope it has already been shipped or I am going to be receiving May’s box sometime in June. It is kind of irritating that some people have already received theirs, and the rest of us are left wondering. I honestly believe that they should ship first to those farthest away from their facility.

There really are not a lot of affordable choices for boxes that actually ship to Alaska and Hawaii. I am in a part of the state that has zero beauty counters or perfume counters, so I do not get the opportunity to try out new products like most people do. The only places to buy beauty supplies are at the supermarket or Walmart.  We did finally get a very small Sally’s Beauty Supply, but it seems their brands are their own for the most part. What do I know though? I have been at the mercy of just the supermarket beauty aisle for my tenure up here. I have also subscribed to Ipsy. They actually showed me what I am getting this month. Nice to see. This will be my first Glam bag with them. No shipping confirmation yet there either, so another wait and see game.

updates and blah, blah blahs.

Today is just going to be an update blog. I want to start with Luke, my little fella who is close to 16 yrs. old. After all signs pointing to his imminent death, he made yet another amazing comeback. He is back to jumping up on the furniture and seems to be doing well. Alas, a new symptom has developed however, he has become incontinent. Yesterday, I noticed he had wet all over one of the cushions of my loveseat. I have had this product sitting around called Simple Solution: Carpet dry powder. It is supposed to be a powder that absorbs all pet messes and then you just vacuum it up after 10 minutes. I left it on for 30 minutes and it really did work well. All was absorbed, and with a little Febreze sprayed on top, my couch cushion is saved. I think I am going to look into doggie diapers if they make such a product.

Such a quick update on a few nail things I have recently sampled. One was a polish from my Birchbox for April called Heirloom Pearls from Color Club. It has been on my toenails for over a week now and has not seemed to chip or fade in the least. As for the new nail polish strips I received from E-bay, the ones I think are from Sephora, they seem to be holding up well also. I have only noticed the tip of one chipped off. A very pleasant surprise! They have passed the 3 day test!!!

I may have jumped the gun with putting plants outside. After a lovely weekend of weather in the mid 70’s, it has turned very chilly. 50 degrees during the day and reaching the low 30’s at night. After checking today, some of my cucumber plants look as though they may not make it. I am leaving it up to mother nature however. I can always plant more seeds.

I saw a wonderful movie last night. The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo Dicaprio. It’s a long one, but it goes places I would have never imagined. I highly recommend it!

Anxiously awaiting what will be in my Birchbox and my first Ipsy glam bag this month, and waiting to see how long it will take them to reach me. I am debating on whether this is going to be a good obsession or a bad one. At the very least, it is an inexpensive obsession.

Ciao for now! I hope your days and nights are warmer than mine!