First Birchbox

Today I received my first Birchbox. It took a long time to get to Alaska. I received the items shown in the pictures. I am pretty happy with it. If you care to subscribe and try it out for yourself , here is a link.  https://www.birchbox/invite/v4brp




My dog is dying.

I have had Luke for almost 5 years. I am his third owner,he was thrown away to the pound twice. A year after I got him, he developed sarcoma cancer tumors on his leg. We have battled that for 4 years along with a heart condition that prevents the amputation of his leg. He was originally thought to be a few years younger than what he probably is. His age is closer to 15 or 16. For the last few weeks, he has been hiding away from me, I have to hand feed him and take him outside since he will not ask to go out or even try.


This is a really scatterbrained post, because I have been crying for several hours tonight. I do not think he has much time left. Trust me , the worst thing to do is look up articles on the internet to find out how to tell if your dog is dying. It did not make this situation any easier. I want so badly to love on him and he just will not allow it. He gets into the tightest space he can find in the house, that no one else can get to.


I have had many dogs in my years, but this little fella had me from the first day we met. Instant love. The feeling was mutual. I know I have to be strong for him in his final days, and I truly pray that I will be able to. At this point, I am however , an utter disaster. I guess I will post his birthday picture from 2 years ago, he was so happy sitting on the yard swing, patiently waiting for his birthday steak to cook a little on the grill. Image

First blog post

Spring has sprung and along with the cleanup from winter, it is time to attempt something new. It was either this, or starting a Youtube channel. I am going to attempt a written blog. My interests are so darned varied, we will see where this leads us. I am a musician, an avid gardener, owner of two wonderful American Eskimo dogs and I adore all things fashion and beauty. I also enjoy reading, diy projects and experimenting with home decor in an ultra small living space. First post, enough of a start for me.

Creation of a blog

I have been trying to decide for a while whether or not I wanted to do a vlog on Youtube or start with just a written blog. I am going to give this a shot. Of course, I have no idea what I am doing, since I have not researched this one tiny bit.

Spring has sprung here in the interior of Alaska and my seedlings are growing into plants, it may be several more weeks until they are able to go outside. I am wishing for more window space.

How does one blog when they have some many varied interests and issues and endeavors? I suppose I am about to find out. I guess we all have to begin somewhere, so with that, I will post my profile picture, taken just a few short days ago.

Ciao for now!